Your Valley of Trouble is a Door of Hope

Your Valley of Trouble is a Door of Hope

By: Kimberly Dimick

Many of us see our own brokenness as an end to life, but, author, Glennon Doyle Melton, shares with us that it is only the beginning. Grief has a way of opening up parts of our lives to unexpected joy and hope. It helps us to see what is truly important in us and in others. – The Work of the People

God is STILL GOD!! He IS and forever will be on your side. This most always looks different than we ever thought it would. Why? I do not know. God's WAYS are not our ways.

I stand with you believing, holding on to the hem of His garment, pleading for you before the throne, casting my net one more time, one more time!!! 

I declare you shall see God's hand move in a way you did not see coming. I do not assume anymore what the Lord chooses to do, but it will always be something we have never thought or imagined.

In the midst of loss there will one day be a turn of events, a breach, a reversal so astounding it will leave us breathless. A breach is also a breakthrough of the obstacles the walls, the hindrances in front of you.

I speak BREAKTHROUGH over your life. You are RICH in spirit more than all of silver and gold of the earth. I know you feel depleted of resources but the Lord is and will remain your source of supply. Your heart belongs to the Lord and this is the greatest victory ever won by God–the day you said YES to Jesus, His Son.

I never saw my miracle coming. It is not of us lest any mere man could boast. My only responsibility is to BELIEVE that God IS WHO He said HE IS. He is I AM…not I was or I will be but He is EVER PRESENT in our troubles. 

Your valley of trouble is a door of HOPE.

 Hope that no matter what the evil one does, God will clear the room, strike up the heavenly band and play yours and Jesus' song and you WILL dance with Him. You will not even notice another soul in the room as Jesus and you look at each other face to face. When His eyes meet yours, you will be changed in a MOMENT! Being loved by Jesus IS life and everything GOOD! 

I pray you laugh at days to come. I pray you do not give up. I pray you are so determined in your spirit that you know it is not possibly YOU. Jesus come down, rend the heavens in these moments and make Himself known as your Bridegroom who longs to rescue and save His Bride from all harm and to bring her back from the wicked plans of wicked men influenced by the demonic strongholds in his life and the lives of those who ally against GOD Himself.

They will not win, they cannot rob Jesus from her heart. They cannot kill her desire for her KING. No, there are precious, holy and sacred things worth far more than anything this world can give. MORE than all the treasures this earth could ever endow her with.

YOU have the HEART of your KING beating within you. No robber will ever, ever steal this from you.

With love and concern,



Kimberly Dimick and her husband, Joshua Dimick, know how it feels to lose everything: marriage and family, church and reputation, finances and careers, and so much more. Together and separately they have walked the path of Love, a narrow path, a path that is lonely and not well-used.

They intimately understand the soul-shattering pain of separation and divorce and they also know "The Way Home" to a life of choosing unconditional love.

The surprising answers to a happy marriage are shared in her posts, articles, and their book-in-progress.

As you venture on this journey with Kimberly and Josh you will experience how God shines His most brilliant light in her darkest hours. Today their mission is to provide a voice to women suffering in silence, shining the Light of Truth into the dark places.

As you journey with Kimberly and Josh you will witness a true life transformation that will shatter the misinformation and lies commonly fed to women that keep them in false submission.

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Susan Schiller February 23, 2015 at 8:59 am

It's a good place when all you have is hope and not expectations. — Danny Boyle


Susan Schiller February 23, 2015 at 8:47 am

Amongst my journals is an entry where I recorded these words I heard the Spirit say to me, "Enter through the doorway of Hope."

And when I read what you wrote here, Kimberly, it captured my attention. There is a real doorway – a door of Hope – and we enter this doorway in the Valley of Troubles – the Shadowlands, as we read in Psalm 23. 

I love how God's Word is not just a text composed of words, but is full of "Living Word" which gives us abundant life. 

I have been in the Shadowlands this winter and now my attention is on entering the door of Hope. Hope, faith, and love – the three greatest things we have on earth! It's all we need. 🙂


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