The Greatest Evil Today Lurks Behind the Mask of Christian Pastors

Why Seeing the Wolves in Sheep Skin Protects Victims, and also the Predators

By: Susan Deborah Schiller

As someone with thousands of hours of listening to the life stories of sociopaths over the course of 14-years I want to show you the power of SEEING sociopaths in our midst… how we can protect ourselves from them, but also how we can help them to become human… and it's not what you may be thinking!

The greatest evil today is not found in occult games, movies, and toys. The most hideous evil lurks behind the mask of Christian pastors, teachers, and leaders.

They don't have red eyes, horns, fangs, or other distinguishing characteristics. No, like Lucifer himself, they are powerful beings of LIGHT! Charming, popular, "anointed," and operating in signs, wonders, and miracles, these "Christians" are propogating a faith that has all the appearance (proper doctrine, the right worship songs, great Scriptural teaching from accepted Bible translations, etc).

Its hideous strength is the very fact that it poses as true religion.

In the parable of the wheat and tares, Jesus taught us that some children are born of God and others are born of Lucifer. Even angels cannot tell the difference!

These tares can be found in 4% of our population. In modern language, we call them sociopaths. One of their preferred career paths is "pastor". One sociopath alone can create havoc in hundreds and thousands of lives and if they are not exposed and treated properly, the trauma is passed down through generations.

These are not simply wounded people who hurt people. Their sole motive is to cause chaos and pain. While we can't judge a person's motives, we can judge the fruit of their actions.

Victims are murdered and witnesses are silenced.

From personal experience, people are really getting killed and witnessed are silenced!

Where do these people come from? Can they be rescued and restored?

I'm going to share some stories from my own life experience, having interviewed several sociopaths, over the course of over a decade. I discovered, in part, the making of a sociopath.

One man described his childhood to me. His first memory is standing up in his crib. The next thing he knew his father was dangling him by his ankles out the second story window. He recalls this type of behavior was normal, in his family.

The first two years of a child's life are critical in creating a healthy mindset and character foundation. In particular, as a father holds a child in his arms, making eye-to-eye contact, the child's spirit is awakened. She is "made real"… not just an "empty vessel waiting to be filled" but she lives in a state of "fullness".

Her identity is formed in an atmosphere of caring, compassion, and unconditional love.

Have you noticed how young children are always looking for their parents' eyes? "Look at me!" is one of their favorite phrases.

What happens when a child is not wanted, not looked at, not cherished… even from the womb?

Their spirits go dormant, the frontal lobe of their brain shrinks, and they lose their ability to feel empathy! In short, we have created the ideal environment for the making of a behavior disorder, or in spiritual terms: an empty vessel.

It's my own belief, based on years of personal experience with sociopaths, that these damaged children become "empty houses" for evil spirits. Spiritually and biologically, these children become monsters and that's when parents and teachers first begin to notice anti-social behavior.

We're not talking about hyperactivity in the classroom or simple temper tantrums.

One of the sociopaths I interviewed described a progression, which seems to follow the "norm" for men such as he. He began to torture and kill small animals from an early age. Like other sociopaths, the next step, around the age of five, was to kill newborn babies. As he grew old, the abuse escalated rapidly to rape and an occult lifestyle.

He was groomed by his parents and society for this lifestyle. Using trauma to bond him to his tormentors, he described torture and mind-control methods that trained him to be a killer. I spent nearly two years listening to his stories.

Our society treats anti-social behavior with drugs. We do our best with behavior modification, discipline, and nothing really works for the small percentage of those who are true psychopaths.

I interviewed a man who was professionally diagnosed as a psychopath when he was a young boy. He spent his childhood in psychiatric treatment. I carefully listened to all his stories over a period of nearly three years. Of course, I had to sift through the lies… that's why it took so long.

I've come to the conclusion that even though some sociopaths/psychopaths are clearly out to lie, steal, and kill as many people as they can – whether spiritually, emotionally, or physically – there are some who genuinely feel the cold and dark void in their lives and they are seeking to be free.

They don't need more "grace" or more "love", which is how we normally try to help them. They need us to SEE them. Not as projects or missions or people who need support.

I'm not trusting my own emotions or intellect on this; God showed me they are capable of being saved, but their souls are imprisoned… in such a deep place. It's beyond the scope of most psychiatrists.

When I tried to get psychiatric help for one of the sociopaths I was given to "help" by my pastor (the sociopath was a leader in our church), I knew it was beyond my level of experience, so I dialed the numbers of numerous psychiatrists in our area. When I described the man's symptoms EACH AND EVERY PSYCHIATRIST said the same thing, "I can't take your man." They listed lack of time, as their main obstacle. One doctor said he would take "my man" on condition that he lived within a 30-minute circumference of his office. It was a no-go.

Oh, I understand that so well… "my man" was unpredictable. He would sometimes radio me, in a lost child's voice, saying, "I'm on the freeway and I can't remember how to get home." I knew how to reach past the child personalities to contact the adult in charge. Worse, he's radio me, claiming he was trailing a woman and he was fighting back the urge to rape her.

I share these stories to show that I was dealing with real psychopaths – who were also well-respected and honored leaders in our church. There are so many more stories I could share – these are the most g-rated I could remember.

Some of us are called SEE the sociopaths. That's what they truly need and want!

They want to be called out for who they are. If they genuinely want to change and haven't crossed over into the "marked for destruction" category only God can mark, then their only hope is for us to SEE them!

Not to love them, to give them grace and mercy… but to SEE them and call them out!

This post is getting too long, so I'll cut it short here. But I'll be back, if you wish, with what I have found to work… and what absolutely does not work.

Okay? Mind you, I don't have all the answers… but it is survivors like me and many others who are educating the medical profession, in this area, right now. We're learning together and I invite you to share your comments, stories, and life experiences!

Living the adventure and choosing love today,


Susan Schiller knows how it feels to lose everything: marriage and family, church and reputation, finances and businesses, and more. Susan's upcoming, interactive memoir, "On the Way Home," tells the story of how she came to be known as "the most abused woman" her counselors had yet met and how she learned to navigate her way out of hell to a rich and satisfying life. In her lifetime, Susan has served in duties ranging from home school mom – to pastor –  to full-time deliverance minister – and to Midwest regional prayer coordinator for a large international ministry. These days you can usually find Susan soaking in her favorite hot springs pool, reading a book (or several), blogging, baking bread, or hanging out with her family and friends. You can get a free copy of Susan's upcoming book, "On the Way Home" by registering here.

Copyright 2010-2014, Susan Schiller, For reprint permission for any private or commercial use, in any form of media, please contact Susan Schiller.

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Linda September 13, 2017 at 8:09 pm


I thought I was going crazy. But, after reading your post that describes so much of what I have been sensing lately, I feel validated…and frightened.  I am a true empath, yet my mother is a sociopath who has always claimed to be Christian through and through.  I am grateful she insisted our family go to church every Sunday because I eventually came to have my own relationship with God.  But, somehow I always knew something was wrong.  I sensed it from the time I was very young. And I think she sensed that I was her opposition in spirit because of her three children I was the most neglected.  Perhaps that was a blessing. I remember once, when I was probably four or five, asking her point blank if she was a witch.  My heart pounds even now, decades later, at the thought of that moment. 

I have no idea what to do with this information.  All I know is I'm being led to find out more and to start writing about my experiences. 


White Dove September 13, 2017 at 11:10 pm

Wow, you asked your mom, at age 4 or 5, if she was a witch?

Your gift of discernment must be very strong, even from a young age. 

Yes, you have a mission, Linda….. follow your intution, to keep learning more and writing!

Light exposes darkness simply by shining, and the more Light shining into this, the less darkness in the world, in our churches, in our homes there will be!

Thank you for sharing!


Colleen Giese August 27, 2017 at 7:38 pm

Can "see" them for about past 2 years. ( But I already had a seeing gift to be used for others).  And saw my former Senior Pastor spew tongue like a lizard animal at me when I gently disagreed with him re: psycho atty who was stalking me 2 years). A tongue thing lashed out real long at me.  My back was thrown into pew & a loud sound from his hiss I heard. He then smiled proudly & hopped up to do his sermon. After he manifested this,   he ostracized me til I left 1.5 yrs later & left my teaching the 4 yr olds. sad.  Many pastors in Milwaukee area are darkened.  Beware of the covert psycho. "Christians" as they act hypochondriacal or as poor victims.  One threw herself down like she fell but I saw the truth.  Watch their eyes & listen to the spirit behind there tone & words.  As they drawing you into their lies, change subject over to something about another person which did good.  Watch them then shut down. Then get away & don't even allow a hug if they go to your church & you must greet during a service. Think I msgd you a year ago.  Since then I can spot them so much. Maybe I'll be equipped to expose it & deliver or help.  Be strong in the Lord precious Saint. Have you read "Psychopaths are not human from Children of the Covenant"?



White Dove August 28, 2017 at 1:47 pm

Dear Colleen,

I have not read the book you mentioned, but I agree that there are human-looking entities all around us that are not really human. They are reptilians who shape-shift. There are far more of the reptilians than anyone could imagine. 

I also have heard others speak of the Wisconsin area, that it’s particularly flooded with dark spirits. I hope you can find a place where your peace will be restored. You may want to consider staying away from churches until you’re healed, if you ever do want to return. 

As for me, God is not yet giving me a green light to return to church. I think He knows me better than I do!

Thank you for sharing today – much love to you!


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