Kind Words from Readers

Kind Words from Readers

Thank you for being here today! And thank you for sharing your words of life. I send out my words into what seems like a great unknown space, this wild, untamed Internet, where there are already so many voices. So when people speak words back to me, it really makes a deep impression. I love to hear your voices! I'm so grateful for you!


Thank you again for the treasure of your presence with me last night. I have been pouring over your writings all morning and like many others, I feel like it fits my life to a T.  My words can't begin to do it justice, but I feel my soul starting to piece itself together bit by bit … SP

It's been 3 years since God removed me from the relationship and I am thankful I found your website shortly after that day. Just by chance I stumbled on to the website when it was "teamfamilyonline" and found the truth of what I was living. Every once in a while I return to read a little something new to assure myself this is the right path I am on now. Although health, family, and financial issues still plague me I am in a relationship with God I never thought was possible. I've learned to be grateful for the "lesson" my God allowed me to live through.

Even 3 years later I find that I slip back into the "if's" once in a while. (If I had prayed differently, if I had just….) Thank you for continuing your dedication to this site as I need a refresher course now and then. Many blessings have come to all of us because of your willingness to share the truth of thse toxic relationships.

God bless you, "Paula"

Hello Susan,
I just wanted to let you know that finding your blog has been an answer to my prayers.  I have found lots of information on other websites that have helped me to understand what happened to me and given him a label.  I was a member of a survivor's forum that helped validate me and let me know that his pattern was predictable, purposeful, and could not have happened any other way.  But as a Christian woman who loves her Savior more than anything I was not able to find anyone to relate to on that level….K
"Susan, I am speechless and amazed at your light. You are bringing such positive energy into this world and we are all so grateful for you. Shine bright my friend." - R.W.

"You set me free from  doubt, guilt and shame.

You are a soul healer

I am so blessed to know you.

Your prayers are strong.

They unlock gates that have been sealed since time began.

You are Heaven sent for sure." – E. Taylor


Words cannot even begin to describe the hope finding your site brought me. I was sunk so far into a pit after living my entire life in fear and under extreme spiritual, emotional and physical abuse. I truly wondered if I could keep going! After reading your stories and the hope they bring, I feel like I can not only start living again, but that I MUST share my story. Thank you soooo much for doing what you do!! I'm excited to begin my healing journey as well as bring understanding, hope and love to those I share with as you and they have me.  — V

Thank you so much for your response Susan… Again, I thank you and I will keep reading your pages and looking to do whatever I can to heal. You are a hero to many of us and God Bless You! – N

In my devastated state I cried out to God that I needed some help!    I found your blog shortly after my anguished cry.  I honestly don't remember the first story I read, but I vividly remember the second.  The second story is confirmation for me that this is a Divine Appointment. – Anon

"I found your website in 2014 while going through a very painful divorce from my "soul mate". Your words back then helped me regain my sanity. My ex husband was abused as a child which led to a cocaine addiction, and I was a naive, unhealthy empath. Not sure if he was born a sociopath, or if the abuse plus drugs turned him into one.

It's been almost 4 years since our divorce was final and although I'm way stronger and healthier than I was back then, I still occasionally have the gamut of emotions that come from loving a sociopath….. ranging from being afraid of him and wanting him locked up….to feeling sorry for him….. from being grateful that God rescued me from him… still feeling twinges of guilt for divorcing him as I've watched his life unravel. He's an angry, drug addicted loner, living in an RV, who has alienated himself from anyone who is healthy…. returning to the vomit.  

Anyway, I just want to say that your website always helps to bring me back to truth. Every time I start to slide back into thinking about trying to contact him, for the purpose of somehow helping him, I open up your site and start reading. Sometimes I also watch crime documentaries (like 20/20 and 48 Hours) to remind myself of how cunning, dangerous and evil sociopaths can be. I want to stay aware of how the enemy loves to use them to try to harm us, especially by planting them in the church as pastors, leaders, counselors, prophets, worship leaders, etc.

All that to say….. thank you again for having this website. You and your words are a gift from God !!! Meg C

Thank you for the hope you have just given me xx — Lynda
Susan, your reading and listening is very important. I love the tenderness of your observations. It is as if a part of you was always God's, always able to distance yourself and see with love. I can tell by your clarity…it's like a crystal ball. — S.K.

Hi Susan,

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes because I accidentally came across your website and you literally saved my life by reminding me of the importance of God and that no matter what bad situation in in he is always there to protect me and that I should fear no one. I'm currently in a relationship with a narcissistic guy, we live together and have been engaged for a few months. Honestly I was at my breaking point with all his narcissistic rage outbursts and being a Christian something just hasn't been right with my soul for a while and now I realize why. I'm really trying to find help in ways to cope with the emotional strain it has been and it's because of you I realized that I need to take back my life and truly give it to God and be confident in the fact that he will help me find a way out of this and to not fear NO MAN.  Thank you so much and I'm sure your a very busy person it's just good to know that there is someone out there who is willing to listen and help so even writing this comment is helping me. I know this road won't be easy and I may stumble and fall but I will keep growing my relationship with God and give it all up to him while I try to figure out how to get out this. Thank you soo much for even taking the time to read this. God bless — Samantha

"Oh my sweet Susan I treasure your messages. You bring the angels with you. Bless you. I am so glad to see you again. I sleep so well now, I know your prayers are working." -- E.T.

Thank you for sharing your experiences…they have helped me more than I can express. When I read them I feel like I have a lifeline to you; someone who is a survivor and can tell me what I'm feeling is normal and that I will make it through. – K

 I rejoice in your progress my special Friend. You are a mentor to me in many ways. I find your spiritual strength, belief and knowledge so comforting. I love the way we appreciate the same simple things in life. It is always a pleasure to meet here. Love you so much. – E.T.
Even though I don't identify as Christian, this is the first useful site I've come across in terms of how to deal with a smear campaign from a sociopath narcissist. – Helen
...I love your posts, they are like soothing hands massaging the tension away. Your words remind me that God has always looked after me. It feels like that. Looking after, as sometimes, I feel like a really frightened child. - E.T.

Even in the midst of your own struggle, your words bring life and healing to me. Father is showing His strength through your weakness. I find it amazing and encouraging that your response to such overwhelming darkness is to seek new ways to heal and restore others. That is why the enemy fears you. You and your words are a source of light and life. I will pray, and pray, and pray some more. – M


...Reading all of your comments to other's stories validates that we are in a group of our own and need to share our stories and validate that this is so very real and that you really can recover and move on in a way that this will just rest a little easier on your sole. – KSM

Thank you for pouring your compassion and love over me in such a sincere and genuine manner. Your words are thoughtful and true – and so much of what you say resonates deeply inside of me. I am blessed beyond measure to have a friend in you, walking this long journey by my side. ♡ – Jane

Susan, just been re-reading your recent entries. Love your writing, you are a great comfort and a source of pure light. – Elaine

I really appreciate your site and the courage it must have taken and continually takes to continue doing what you do.  May I JUST SAY THANK YOU! — TruthWithLove

"Never have I read such beautiful inspirational and awesome text. I am swept away. This is a gift for me to savour many many times I will read this." - Elaine

Hi Susan, I hope you are well. I wanted to tell you that have pointed several of my friends to your website, and they are telling me it is a lifesaver! I shared your article with a friend who I knew was struggling with health issues. The article talked a lot about abuse and abusive husbands, and I shared with her that I didn't think her husband was abusive, but that the article spoke to me and I thought of her, so I shared it. She answered back that he WAS abusive and she was getting a divorce, and that your website made all the difference to her. -M

Yes, Yes, YES to these words of LIFE and hope!!
You are story teller down to your bones, Susan. What a gift that you are championing others to tell their stories too. We've all become too accustomed to living in crisis and accepted it as "just the way things are."  It takes people like who are willing to shake off the blankets and rise out of slumber to point to a better way. Thank you, friend. — Angela

I just wanted to say thank you again for the in credible way in which you were present for me when I needed you most.  You were immediately present and totally available to listen and support.  I know that in your heart you know this is a gift you have to offer others, but I want to completely affirm that.  It is rare and felt like perfume to my stinking mess of a heart.  So thank you again. — Newell

Hi Susan, I hope you are well. I wanted to tell you that have pointed several of my friends to your website, and they are telling me it is a lifesaver! I shared your article with a friend who I knew was struggling with health issues. The article talked a lot about abuse and abusive husbands, and I shared with her that I didn't think her husband was abusive, but that the article spoke to me and I thought of her, so I shared it. She answered back that he WAS abusive and she was getting a divorce, and that your website made all the difference to her.

I just got done reading the link about duplicity. What you said about being holy means being comfortable in your own skin really resonated with me. I tried to go to the link, but it said page not found. but, I also read the one about how to unmask evil and create beauty, and THAT really nailed it for me! What you said about reprogramming your mind about the truth of my identity in Christ is EXACTLY the process God used to bring me to freedom from my warped views about myself, my worth, my very body. Hand-in-hand with that is the truth about who He is. 

I am praying that God will continue to bless your ministry, and protect you and those you love. – M

This site is a rare gem.  THANX.  I've searched, found, read, listened to many secular sites about abusive partners.    You, Susan, have touched on WHY some people become victims… — Ann
Hello…. I am amazed by your article… I just read an article you wrote throughly after googling "the aftermath of 20yrs with a sociopath".  I couldn't believe how much you understood and clearly wrote what I've gone through…
I am fully in tears right now Susan!!! 




Your such an amazing woman for what you are doing for the community. I don't even know you and I'm so proud of you. I love that therapist have reached out to you. And more so that you are a perfect image of the true gift of giving back!!!! Tears again fill my eyes knowing there are still beautiful spirited ppl out in their world !

With special regards to you. Thankyou for being you – L

I am crying when I read your story. Such grace Such amazing grace. We are so blessed, when you share your journals, I feel as though I am there with you and your words and your phenomenal trust to our God is something so precious to me. – E

      Your wisdom and experience are comfort and you truly are an example of  "bearing one another 's burden."

Your pure empathy has brought healing to my frantic nerves.

I reached out to you in an  enemy induced panic and you warded off my attacker by the words of your testimony and the blood of the Lamb.

I read again your previous replies to me and like a true sevant leader,  your quidance is continuing to give me assurance and direction.

Thank you and may God continue to open the flood gates of heaven for you. – P

I believe that all it takes for evil to prosper is for good men and women to do nothing. So if I remain silent is the evil allowed to continue? I just don’t know. If I expose the evil of someone who is now dead does it help anyone but me? Again, I just don’t know. Here’s what I know: I read your story and it helped ME because I realized I am not alone. Your story awakened me to the reality that the line of BS I had been fed was, in fact, BS. Your story led me to stability in that I no longer thought I was a freak because of what was happening to me. I realized that I was not the problem, someone else was MY problem. Because you were brave enough to share your truth I found the courage to stand up for mine. I am digging deeper and writing other truths. I will post them as the Lord leads because I believe His timing is perfect. Thank you, Sue, for being there for me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. — Joyce

God's words through you have been pivotal in helping me make the internal shift necessary away from the shame and guilt, I'm just lost for words to tell you how much of an impact they had and are having. – R.H.

Some day, when you stand before the Lord, I will be there amongst the great cloud of witnesses testifying about the amazing power of love within you and the gift you shared to bring healing.  Then you will know the true measure of the lives you have impacted for good and the blessing you are to the Kingdom of God.  Thank you for sacrificing yourself — for us! – JL

I'd call finding your site "google grace" because when I read your story, I thought somehow you'd found my journal's and though details differ, no one and I do mean no one, has described so well the abuse of living with this personality disorder or whatever it is. I read almost every page entry on the website. — CV

I feel like you came into my life at a perfect time that only God would know.  You helped point me in a direction when I was looking for answers that gave me the support and encouragement I needed.  That alone was enough to help propel me into the greatest, deepest relationship with God – tighter than it's ever been….



You have a strong voice for those who need to hear it – and an encouraging one at that 🙂 …You were one of the first people in my life to REALLY take spiritual abuse head-on and look to purposefully do something about it.  — J.S.

Just found you via google, its a eye opener the context of reality. I feel like a blind that found their sight. Everything make sense now. – G

First,  I must say you are a wonderful writer. I can't remember how I got to your website but I did. I started read the post on Love and Light. Before I knew it…I had read through you entire site. You truth was my new truth. God had a plan and your site was part of it. I am inspire to tell my truth. I had been silent and fearful of others judging me but I am over that. God has told me a few years back to write what the Spirit was telling. I hesitated because I thought no one would want to hear my story….that me thinking for God :-). The time has come to obey.

So…thank you. Thank you for your obedience. Thank you for your truth. Thank you for love and light. – C.P.

You so encourage me to be creative and have impacted my life is no many ways so thank you! – Patricia

I read your story of the breakdown of your ministry with your former husband today, and was riveted by it. I love reading your stories, as heartbreaking as they are. Because they are so full of hope. For healing and restoration. Your writing bolsters me to tell my stories with each victory as I earn them. Sad stories don't have to stay that way. – R.H.

I am so sorry for the pain your experiences brought you through, but so grateful for the wisdom you are sharing that was born in that pain. You give me the courage to keep moving forward. … My eyes fill with tears, and I know only someone who has suffered in this way – and much more – could know how much I need to hear that. — Anon
 I pour over your site almost every day.  It helps me breathe, to have hope.  I so need to write, to try to sort thru my own story…. I think I am my own spociapath, keeping me from my destiny,  while holding my sons, my legacy, my grand babies,  as hostages… until I can figure it out. I just don't know how to begin. How do you start when have been evils  biggest  accomplice, knowing the truth but always giving grace in order that not have to confront what you fear? …That's me. 



    I love you, somewhere in my paralysis there is an answer for me. You are that lighthouse on a rough sea that everyone is hoping to find to show us the way to truth , to God our Father. – P

Oh Susan, I love you. I have been at the point of despair lately, feeling rejected by those I've reached out to. But when I found you, I felt light and life (and love) coming back into my spirit. You know how, when you read something or hear something, and it just resonates inside you, in a place so deep you had forgotten it was there. THAT is what happened when I found you. – M

Susan, this is beautiful!  There are so many women out there who need this kind of inspiration, support, and encouragement to rise up!  (As we know, this rising up cannot be done alone.)  I just know you are going to help empower so many others to find their lost voices and to learn to live fully as God created them to live.  I hope to be joining you in this venture. — Emily

I read this on my cell phone and every part of it rang true. I'm referring to your blog on sociopaths. I wanted to thank you for sharing about this. May God Bless and Keep You  — R.R.

I have chills. You are a strong, wonderful woman. I don't know you, and somehow I've stumbled onto your blog and am in tears. You inspire me to rewrite my own story, to take write new endings to the traumas I have experienced. Thank you. God Bless you. ~ Megan

The Lord is continuing the good work He began.There is progress. And even better news? I'm sleeping soundly. Thank you, as always, for your encouragement and prayers. <3 I so appreciate your heart – the heart of a mother. – Anon

No, Susan, YOU are the inspiration! You give ALL of us hope to face another day with your courage & faithfulness to all that's true, and good, and right. You are a beacon of God's grace, and you have given to so many. I know I am the blessed recipient of your loving goodness, and so grateful that God saw fit to have our paths cross. To know you, even in a small way, is to be brought to a higher plane of understanding & grace. – DD

Susan is amazing! I have never, ever met a person with such courage, gifting and a heart of gold like Susan. Susan has been my greatest encourager…….ever. This woman is such an inspiration TO ME. She truly, truly is a heart scribe. She IS the Ezra in these days for many, many souls. I am dumbfounded why she loves me. It blows my mind!!!!! If I could have the heart Susan has, I would be breaking down the gates of hell! I can only hope that God does in me what He has so clearly in her. She is braver than I. I am so unsure of myself but Susan ignores it….ha!! To have her in my corner is one of my greatest blessings. I thank God for her life, her testimony of faith and the honor it is for me to call her my friend. I just LOVE this girl to pieces. — Kimberly

What an amazing way to describe a wound Susan. 'A window for the glory of God' – Isn't that what God's healing is all about? That's exactly why you are such a bright light in so many other women's dark place. With God's help you have turned your pain into power and can help those who are still feeling battered and bruised. You take a glimmer of hope and turn it into a firework display! – Carolyn Hughes

ME TOO!!  Sue, you are so brave to stand up for yourself and for others.  It is a long walk back but thank God HE makes it possible.  PTSD is the hell most of us live with and it can be debilitating.  In my case, the blackouts were the most frightening aspect because while I was in the blackout I was still functioning, doing things that were completely antithetical to my true personality.  Then, when I came out of the blackout, I didn't know what I had done, but it would surface days or even weeks later, when a check would clear that I had no idea what it was for, or someone would begin conversations referencing activities that had happened or things I had said during a blackout.  It was terrifying and cost me my career.  I was not functioning normally and yet the neurologists and psychologists assured me there was nothing wrong — I just needed more sleep.  MORE SLEEP!  How do any of us sleep in a house where a sociopath reigns? 

I thank God for you and your site, Sue.  You gave me hope and put me on the right track back to finding me. I know that the Lord led me to you and someday I will get a chance to say thank you face to face. Bless you! – J.L.

I found your website via Profligate truth website and have been soaking up your wisdom. I am a younger woman (29) but survived a difficult family life with a father who let evil grow in his heart from a small creature to a dragon of destruction. Pray for me that the Lord would open doors to spread the truth I have learned about the goodness of God and the need for true repentance, not false grace. Much love. – K

Silence has always been the weapon of abusive people and systems. I am so thankful that Susan, with her tenderness and courage, is willing to speak into the darkness in order that others may know they do not need to suffer in silence, whether it be by the hand of an individual or a entire system that attacks the messenger/victim who is willing to expose the truth. — David Grant

Dear Susan, again, I feel God is talking to me through your words. He knows how scared I am, I prayed tonight for his guidance and here is all is. I am blessed. I love to hear about your dream too. We will walk into our new lives together. - E

You are very very strong Susan. You will help many people from abuse. You deserve to do what is your passion in life. When anyone comes from out of rock bottom we are never the same and we best be better! lol You are and will be better Susan. I can see you have done a lot of healing to get you where your going. I’m so proud of your strength. Hugs to you Susan — Clare

The tangible reality of your experiences leave me speechless and humbled. ~ Filip Vd Ende

Hi Sue –  Because of your web site, I found hope.  And because I found hope, I was able to minister to my girlfriend this weekend and point her in the same direction….  I am so looking forward to an opportunity to read your book and to spend some time with you.  I know you have a great gift and I would so enjoy your company…. truly feel I have found a real friend.  You are a wonder!
Bless you, Joyce

For . You have walked in the valley of shadow and brought up grace and love. You are light.

Susan, as I read 'A Wasted Life" I wept and rejoiced at the same time.  It is a story so similar to my life, and the Father's response remarkably like what He has spoken to my heart so many times.  I have given up on all my dreams, but now, with the blessing of finding your site and the hope that comes from Father, I dare to hope that someday, I may dream again.  Someday, I may actually be able to use my energies for something I want to do rather than having them sucked out of me so that someone else can do what they want.  Bless you for sharing. – J.L.

Thank you for sharing….how beautiful your words of encouragement are, they are like honey and a balm to sooth and heal the soul.  May God bless you more and more my dear Susan!  Much love! — Sally

I should probably go away and think for a while before I comment but I have to say I'm blown away by your story. You are a voice for the voiceless and such a powerful one. From one so poor you have much that is rich to offer here. – Juliet

You are one of the strongest women I have had the privilege to know Susan xx I can feel your pain as you battle on in the tough times, which are a sure sign that you are doing tremendous work for God and fighting the evil that so many want to ignore. Keep strong. Love and prayers, Carolyn

You are a Brave and Beautiful one! Keep sharing the story. It matters deeply!Marvia Davidson

I am always amazed at your writings. All the things you have been through, yet you are able to see His Hand in the way He connects all things for our food. God is amazing! And you are amazing, using the gifts He’s given you, to share them here with us! Thank you Susan! — Cyn Rogalski

I read all of your posts. I've been enjoying your series, and I'm so excited for the opportunities you have opening as a result. 🙂 



^^ That post ^^ gutted me. I relate so much to it. The pressure that you speak of has been building in me. I've been talking myself through it, trying not to face the fact that I NEED people to process this with. It's never convenient to feel. 

Your story gives me hope. 🙂 And that photo of you and your husband is PRECIOUS! Y'all just warm my heart. 
Thank you for sharing your heart and making yourself naked. I am so grateful for you. 

WoW oh WoW Susan, I am intrigued and want to read more.  This is good.  Keep at it.  You had my attention from beginning to the end.  I could feel the tension and the suspense.  I even think my heart beat a little bit faster.  Way to use the power of words to draw the reader into the tale!!!

Fiction isn't a writing form with it I am very comfortable, but you are inspiring me to think differently about how to share the story. — Marvia Davidson 

Oh my Susan, 

I'm freaking out a bit to see the paralells in our lives. In the middle 80's somebody told me that my Life would be a Bridge and I didn't want to be one, because of all the traffic going over it. I'll resurrect that post especially for you. …

Thanks again for your messages and if you don't see me commenting, I'm reading your blog daily. — Gertraud Walters 

Because of u for the first time im not ashamed! For the person i have become today! That i can finally face the pain! – Mike M

Oh, Susan, you are so inspiring. Your courage feeds the well for every other soul who reads here. Shine on! — Esther Emery

Hi Susan
I look forward to being able to read your book. I have a feeling it might take me some time to read.  A bit like when you go out for a nice meal.. you enjoy your meal one bite at a time. — William O'Toole

Thank you for your courage in writing this. The grooming scenario you endured is much like the one I endured, and I had no idea I was being slowly lured and then entrapped by my abusive pastor's tactics. There are far too many people who cannot believe a faith leader would be capable of clergy sexual abuse, and that's the problem. Congregations must be educated about CSA, including grooming "signs." Your story is very important. Thank you. ~ Anonymous

Love you! So proud and happy that you have come this far. You are paving the way for so many women and I hope you continue to do well with your writing because it touches me. ~ Carrie

Thank you for your articles! Funny how I never connected healing & getting better with truth & releasing false perceptions! ~ J.S.

Susan, you have a wonderful way of writing and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story today. I walked with you as you unfolded and rewrote your story and resonated with your words, knowing that I too decided many years ago that my story must change and I wouldn't let the abuse from my past define me. Blessings to you for coming out! It took me almost 20 years, but God took my mess and turned me into His messenger. ~ Trish Jones

I look forward to reading your post every day – my daily dose. You are a writer and so inspiring too.
Once again thank you for sharing your life with us…. Truly inspiring. ~ Yetunde

You are so kind my precious our sweet friend. I must say Susan, that I do not think YOU as well have any idea of how powerful YOUR words are. I read your life stories on your web page and am in awe of how you can take both the joy and anguish of life and turn it into a life lesson, a truth that we can cling to in our darkest and most desperate hours as you bring to light the VERY nature of God's immutability , His steadfastness to us as His children.

You help others see that though the vicissitudes of life surround us, God is ALWAYS faithful to cause His glory to shine through us. Your words remind ME that God is trustworthy and faithful to the end even to the end of ourselves!! I LOVE YOU and LOVE GOD that He speaks through you in these ways! [♥] ~ Kimberly

Hi Susan,

Thank you so much for emailing me so quickly. Your web site has so much information and it is so helpful to put a name on how I have been feeling.. I know that I need to get counseling and help and to not be ashamed.
Thank you so much!!

Susan, it's a great treat to read what's on your heart and how you are coming to the end of the tunnel unto the other side and in full light. You are an amazing writer and artist really! It's an art to be able to take thoughts, feelings and situations and make them into a work of art like you did here.

You are a very brave and courageous lady! I have always loved your heart and so glad your testimony and story is coming alive and will be read by many. This is a real breakthrough time. I am a proud friend. I absolutely cannot wait to read your book and wish it would be for sale so people can actually hold a copy in their hands and give some away. There is such secrecy to this abused life and these ladies have to come out of the cave! I am with you on this one. Good work. ~ Jeanne Costello

"I enjoy these storys so much they brighten my day thanks can't wait for the next =)" – Lexi Dennis

You reel readers in immediately each time, then get them comfortable in the stride (albeit frantic) of the narrative, then throw them an unexpected turn (escaping from a school, not some closed institution).  Great work, Sue! — Sharon O'Day

Beautiful as always Susan. Your writing is so inspirational and remember that Papa God is a great economist … He never let's an experience go by, good or bad, that we can't use for His Glory and so keep shining bright. You would be surprised how many abused women (and men) are out there who need your help and advice. ~ Trish

"These are not blog posts- they are chapters in a book & you will impact many lives & be on television & make millions with your God Susan!" — Sandi Krakowski 

What a blessing you are to me Susan, I love your living family legacy, Thank you for your words of truth and your desire to see the body of Christ healed and transformed, I feel it in your writings. You're precious
Love Denise Groethe

Susan you have such a gift…your writing is always so interesting and has a way of coming alive. You are so courageous to put yourself out there to help others. It has to be hard to put yourself out there at times but your desire to bless others overpowers that. You have a beautiful soul! — Sue Glashower 

Susan, I'm such a fan of your writing. Even your blog comments are beautiful. What an amazing gift you have to take such difficult subject matter and write about it so beautifully. — Ron Cross

once again you floor me with your writting.. from you heart right to the readers hearts! thank you for sharing this! — Penny

You are those one of kind type of people Susan, I have never asked that and I am not sure if I could do this. You have a heart for the broken hearted that's for sure. — Olga Hermans

It is a dangerous…and WONDERFUL thing to hear the voice of the Almighty and know that your role in the kingdom is to serve those most at risk! — Matthew Reed 

Preach it sister! When Christians stand up & deliver God's power through redemptive powers of love & spiritual gifts- THE WORLD CHANGES!!!
This is a timely message sister. KEEP BRINGING THE TRUTH! — Jenny Shain

Yes! 'Family is the backbone of society.' When we look at our world today and are tempted to point fingers to the government, society or even the elite wealthy, we must acknowledge the power parents hold by the way we raise our children. 'WE' are the government and society and through the power of choice given to each of us by the Almighty we can make changes! Excellent article! — Denny Hagel

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this and see great value in creating your own Life Story Book. As I get older and my children grow, it becomes ever so important to document and cherish our Life Journey together 🙂 Thanks!" LaTalya Palmer-Lewis

Thank you for your work and your site and your words! I was feeling these things but wondering if i was being overly romantic or dramatic. It helps me to get validation through your stories, and it strengthens me. And this makes me stronger to help others and validate them. We women are so used to being dismissed and ignored. I am silent no more, I don't care how many people I make uncomfortable, because in my voice hopefully one woman will find the bravery to acknowledge her story and free herself. Thank you! – Helen

Some parts of your story sound like mine. I wonder why anyone would say the words "I want you yo suffer". I heard those words so many times in my marriage. I thought I was alone. Thank you for sharing. I know we have a heavenly Father who heals.
I look forward to your posts everyday. Therapy for me. ~ Y

I wrote to you quite some time ago, a couple of months ago to be more precise, and i still keep thinking to myself – gosh, I must have been sooo overwhelming, writing about my fears and tragedies! I now see that i was actually in the middle of solving this life-crisis, the greatest one of all by far, and that was why i used to talk incoherently and probably project some of my own fear based emotions into my writing – I am truly sorry if that was the case, it was never my intention, i just wanted to cry for help but didn’t quite know how. it is interesting, how one cannot express himself fully when he needs it the most. in the meantime, i finally cut all contact with the sociopaths in my life, started repairing myself, slowly and with patience, but most importantly, i discovered the most amazing thing one can discover, and that is myself, THROUGH God and his power. The profoundness of that realization made me see how, perhaps, in these times of big struggles between the good and the bad, we are called upon to enlighten the world, and therefore are presented with these huge, huge emotional and spiritual chalenges. At the time i wrote to you, i wasn’t aware of how much this all had to do with faith and God! so, naturally, when i got to the point of feeling better and more like myself, i remembered your blog, and how everything you said was absolutely what i needed to hear. i would just like to say thank you, for everything, looking back it seems to me that it was no mistake i contacted you in particular. i now believe it must have been angels, making sure i was on the right path :) and to all of you who are writing comments and stories on this blog, and who are struggling to get their hearts back on track, i would like to say keep up the good (best!) work and go ahead and have NO FEAR, just JOY and LOVE and FAITH! :) there most certainly is a light at the end of the tunnel :)

p.s. i would be interested in submitting some more of my thoughts/insights, they would all be uplifting and with a healing purpose, i just don’t know where! :) if you do know, please let me know via comments :) thank you so much! :) love and light! thank you Sue! :) – A

"Sue, when I opened my book it was like I was reading someone else's story – and it drew me right in. I used to wonder, 'Would anyone ever want to hear my story?' But as I opened this book it was just like I couldn't stop reading – and I read my story as if it were someone else and I loved it!" S C

Jeanne shared:"You have a gift for listening and drawing out my story. You've made it easy!"

Andrea S. shared: "This is a gift you have, Sue. I didn't know where to start but in just talking with you it all started coming together."

Susan B shared: Susan, I thank you for having the courage to share your story! I admire you! Even though I just stumbled onto your blog, you have impacted me tremendously. I was ready, yet still hesitating… your story gave me the extra courage I was searching for just at the right moment. God works in mysterious ways. May you be blessed immensely!"


Thank you for your site, the effort that it takes.  And your smile seems to literally beam hope.  — Grace

Thank you for supporting me with your love!

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With all my love,


Susan Schiller knows how it feels to lose everything: marriage and family, church and reputation, finances and businesses, and more. Susan's upcoming, interactive memoir, "On the Way Home," tells the story of how she came to be known as "the most abused woman" her counselors had yet met and how she learned to navigate to freedom and fullness.  

Today Susan helps people write their life stories, unearthing the treasures of their past and sowing them into their future, creating new family legacies.

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