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Life with No Fear By: Susan Deborah Schiller and Danielle Bednarcik Do you see a world full of guns and wars, food and fuel shortages, unemployment and foreclosures? A country teetering on the edge of destruction? I used to. Now I see a world where children and youth have the solutions to problems our generation […]


The Perfect Prey By: Susan Deborah Schiller Next Chapters: Part 1: The Perfect Prey   Part 2: 10 Red Flags You're Marrying A Sociopath   Part 3: Did You Marry the Wrong Mr. Right?    Part 4: Create Your Own Jailbreak   Bethany Deaton, age 27, died October 30, 2012 in Kansas City, Missouri with a plastic […]


My Magical Life: The Day I Broke Up With Normal By: White Dove I tried very hard to conform to this world, but I broke up with normal. Like a porcelain statue, the world of illusions shattered around me, some of the shards piercing my soul. Pain inside and pain outside, no nonsense sentinels alerting […]


The Code: Making the Dark Light By: Susan Schiller "All Truth is God's Truth," was the first lesson I learned in college. Truth is the code that unlocks our inheritance – that launches us into a radical lifestyle – the one that Jesus modeled for us, and then told us, "You can do even greater […]


How I Tell My Story Powers My Life for Good or for… By: White Dove I bonded with that old truck pictured above. We had some adventures together, let me tell you! In some ways, this Dodge cummins taught me how to keep going, even beyond the sabotage of smear campaigns, Stockholm Syndrom, gaslighting and more. […]


Mattie's Life Story: Lessons from a  Border Collie By: Susan Deborah Schiller "I'm bored!" says Mattie's look in this photo. Mattie retired at age 7 from the Pathfinder Ranch in Wyoming where she was used to chasing cows from sunrise to sunset, always on the go. Now she was on our little farm and wondering […]


Cleansing and Healing the Land By: Susan Deborah Schiller I went walking down the road past our ranch that leads deep into Indian territory. Walking for miles into the desolate wasteland of buffalo, antelope, sagebrush, and empty beer bottles, I noticed the road changing with every mile away from “civilization”. Weeds began to take over the […]


What is a Sociopath? By: Susan Deborah Schiller I was married to a sociopath for 30-years. My marriage counselors told me I was the most abused woman they had ever met. In the course of gaining my freedom I have listened to the life stories of survivors and of sociopaths. Like many other survivors, the information […]


Beware of the strong woman! By: White Dove Warning: Trigger alert. Please don't read if you are sensitive to images of family violence. "I'm ashamed of you! Why can't you have more grace?" said my pastor, after telling him I was divorcing my husband. We were just shy of our 20-year anniversary and the LAST […]


  When We Don't Understand God's Ways   By: Susan Deborah Schiller   When the bottom drops out of your life, your foundation crumbles, and everything you thought to be true and right is proven to be the opposite of what you thought, and you're sitting in a pile of rubble that you no longer […]


Predators in the Pulpit: Anatomy of a Seduction Trigger Alert: This post may not be suitable for all persons, nor for younger people.The purpose of writing this article in the 1st person of Evil is to allow you inside the head of a predator who was using the pulpit to access his victims. I have […]


What It Took to Find Me Here in the Freedom Place By: Marvia Davidson, posted with permission I always “thought” I was on firm footing when it came to faith and living. I thought I had some semblance of what it meant to really have it “together”. I thought I could ignore those dark secrets. […]


We Shall Overcome Part One of "Secret Heroes"  Part Two of "Secret Heroes"  Part Three of "Secret Heroes" By: White Dove One of my church leaders threatened to rape me. A second leader claimed he was going to torture me with knives, beginning with my feet and working up. In cohoots, my husband threatened to take piano wire and slice […]


Tell Your Story from the Place of Victory By: Susan Deborah Schiller What if when tragedy or trauma invade our lives, we invite our friends to celebrate the victory – before it happens? I know of a king who once did such a thing! There once was a man with odd name, Jehoshaphat, who was an […]


The Accidental Tourist: A Parable By: Susan Deborah Schiller "You've been living as a tourist in the Kingdom of God," said the voice I've learned to trust as my Father God's. It was a dream, but full of truth, what I call a "dream parable". Like an ordinary child, I argued back, "Oh no, that's not […]


A Life Story Interview with Aurora By: Susan Deborah Schiller We all run into blocks in writing our memoir. When telling your story is too hard, it may help for someone to listen and write a few lines for you. Soon you're ready to tackle another chapter of your memoir. You know, it's usually in the hard stories where […]


Blazing through the Challenges From the "Memoir Mondays" and "Parables" series By: Susan Deborah Schiller Through this chapter of my memoir, I want to hand you four keys that will unlock your destiny, causing you to to blaze through any challenge. In May 2009, I was on the edge of an abyss that nearly engulfed my life. My husband […]


Writing into the Future By: Susan Deborah Schiller Day 9 of the Write to Freedom Mini Memoir eCourse Life Story Writing Tip: We're on an adventure and it's a little like the dot-dot-dot road pictured above. I call it a dot-dot-dot road because sometimes it's there and something it's not. Remember those dot-to-dot coloring books? Writing our […]


The Projection Room By: Linda South Honea In the "Write to Freedom" series, where readers become writers! Do you remember those reel-to-reel projectors in elementary school? Before You Tube, before Podcasts, before DVD’s, before VHS videos, there were reel-to-reel films. Long ago, I attended Kiest Elementary School.  Once or twice a month, the students formed […]


A 2-Year Informal Observation of Christian Economics in One Small Town By: Susan Deborah Schiller     #spiritofthepoor This is a follow up to this month’s Spirit of the Poor link-up, hosted by Luke Harms. It's also led by Esther Emery and Newell Henricks, #spiritofthepoor and it's a really great place to get inspired about Heaven's Economics, […]


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