Love from Papa – April 11, 2016

Is it hard to wake up in the morning? Does your loss define you in such a way that you don't know if you have what it takes to survive, let alone thrive?

To truly see and know the Truth that sets us free, we must get up higher, above those clouds that trauma brings. These clouds block out the Light.

Today, as I aim to break through those clouds of traumatic memories stored in my mind, heart, and body, I want to speak life-giving words directly into your heart and my heart, too, beyond the ragged edges where loss has wounded us, paralyzing our whole being …

I want you to be filled, so that when Monday morning arrives, you will be excited for what is up ahead for you. So I’m sending you Joy in the morning. Passion for life is what turns “okay” into “magnificent”.

Joy transforms.

   Passion ignites.

      Love heals.

         Enthusiasm is the starting point.

            Enthusiasm is being “full” of God, or possessed by God, according to the Latin root.

So I’m picturing myself as FULL of God, full of Joy, full of hope, full of passion, full of all that my heart hopes and longs for. I hope you can picture yourself in this fullness, too. We're given this power to IMAGINE as a gift of creation. This is how we change our circumstances.

This time of feeling loss, of feeling the ragged edges of grief is being enhanced, enriched, and energized by the life-transforming power of joy, which is a gift. Take a moment to allow yourself to feel this energy of Heaven. Picture yourself receiving this gift of Joy. This act harnesses the energy.

Since it’s a gift freely given, I can send this joy to you… the joy that fills you with passion for life, filling you with enthusiasm for today, every day, even on Mondays. If you need a jump start, plug into this children's choir and feel their JOY – you'll get the goosebumps. They are super-charged!

Feel the JOY?? 🙂

When you wake up in the morning, you will not be alone. There will be Someone there to help you decide what to wear, what you will do, and where you will go. Loss no longer defines your ability to enjoy a day or not. Trauma can no longer define who you are. You are no longer a victim; you are a Champion.

You are a soldier, the best in the world. The fact that you are wounded does not define who you are – you are a soldier. Those who risk everything bear scars they can proud of! 

This is a new day. Every day will be FULL of magnificent wonders and you will be filled with awe and wonder. Those ragged edges of loss are being woven into a masterpiece of Joy.

Joy comes in the morning.

Blessings, dear one… you are loved!

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With all my love,


Susan Schiller knows how it feels to lose everything: marriage and family, church and reputation, finances and businesses, and more. Susan's upcoming, interactive memoir, "On the Way Home," tells the story of how she came to be known as "the most abused woman" her counselors had yet met and how she learned to navigate to freedom and fullness.  

Today Susan helps people write their life stories, unearthing the treasures of their past and sowing them into their future, creating new family legacies.

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Susan Schiller April 10, 2016 at 6:21 pm

Spiritual warriors perfect the art of bouncing back. They know that a crisis leads to elevation. They know that what appears to be taking us down will in fact cause us to rise up in God.

(from The Way Of The Warrior [Studio Version]) – Graham Cooke


Susan Schiller April 10, 2016 at 11:51 am

With my back out, I’m a bit stuck on the sofa… I’m listening to a podcast with Matt Ham and Kevin Adams talk about being childlike in heart and dreaming with God. “We’re a culture of angry grown ups who have forgotten what it’s like to be childlike” full of awe and wonder.

Why do we as adults have trouble getting out of bed, especially on Mondays. “There’s a new day ahead – it’s exciting!” is the way kids look at a day.

The difference is joy. Can I return to that sense of childlike wonder and joy, to view each day with awe and wonder? To live a life of adventure, exploration, and passion?

There’s a heart inside of me that wants to embrace adventure again. God wants me to have this kind of heart, this kind of joy.

I just have to “go there” … to rise up.

When I seem to be stuck, putting out fires, and just surviving…how do I transition to living with joy and wonder?

Take one moment, be intentional, meditate, hang out with God, just listen…. and it will come.

I will use my imagination to plug-in to this joy, the awe, the wonder, the ADVENTURE of LIFE. I’m BREAKING OUT of the routine that is so familiar and even comfortable.

My culture tells me to work hard and pay the bills. I have been doing this and doing it pretty well, at least the working hard part. But it makes my body sick. I have been sick every single day of the past 2 months.

I stopped following my dream. I quit writing.

I am a co-laborer with my God, who expects me to walk on water, to calm angry seas, and to multiply food. Do I really want to live this lifestyle, or not?

I’m going back to dreaming with God. This is my plug-in to re-ignite my passion for living an adventurous life, an abundant life…


Susan Schiller April 10, 2016 at 11:23 am
Susan Schiller April 10, 2016 at 11:02 am

If you have committed your life to Jesus and you find yourself going through hard times, then you need to understand this…

God is setting you up for a new victory and you're working on a new testimony! – Skip Barland


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