Create Your World with “I AM”

Using "I AM" Declarations to Create a New Life Story

By: White Dove

Life is beautiful. Each new sunrise is a miracle of new life. A new day. A new chance to write another chapter in our life story. If we don't like how the last chapter ended, we get to rewrite it! We can't change the past but we can write ourselves into a better future.

We learned to do this as children when we played "make believe". Imagination is seeing with the eyes of the heart – that's how faith works.

Our culture eventually tells us what it expects us to be and do… and we conform, step-by-step, to the world around us… especially if we are the compliant, obedient ones!

We create our own worlds, whether by conscious choice, blind obedience, or somewhere in the middle. Just as we can't blame God for the bad conditions we see in this world, so we can't blame God or fate or anyone else for our personal circumstances.

God's master plan includes empowering us and giving us the authority to rule, even in the midst of our enemies.

Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God's will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. (Romans 12:2)

Papa God and I had a chat in my diary, back in September 2006: He taught me: You become what you behold and He gave me a practical lesson on how to recreate my circumstances, beginning with how I perceive myself.

On my mental movie screen I saw a looking glass, and reflected in the glass was "the REAL me". I must confess I've had trouble believing in this vision! So I wrote it down and I printed it out.

I began speaking it into existence. It became my new identity statement, with each line beginning with "I AM".

"I AM" is the name Papa God calls Himself. He lives in me. I'm created in His image. So often I sabotaged myself by saying things like, "I AM 'damaged goods'." or "I AM 'lonely and misunderstood'." I had forgotten I'm created in His image and my words have power to create!

In ignorance, I created a world where I became a magnet to abusive people and situations.

When I began to apply "The Looking Glass" lesson by creating and speaking out loud the "I AM" statements, my identity began to morph into my authentic self. The woman in the Looking Glass is gradually becoming REAL!

If you feel you've been playing a role cast by society for their benefit and not yours… if you don't feel like you're living the life of your dreams, fulfilling the unique destiny only you can fill, I want to encourage you today to do the following activation.

We're going to create a looking glass – a mirror that reflects the reality Resistance doesn't want us to see. To do that, we're going to play a little game called "Instead of," which is inspired by Graham Cooke's teaching. It's a prophetic activation, really, but you can also call it a game.

  1. You name the adverse circumstances, obstructions, and negative circumstances that have overwhelmed you, past and present. Fold a paper in half, side to side. Down the middle, write "Instead of". List your adversities on the RIGHT side of the paper.
  2. Now, for each adversity or negative circumstance, write what YOU WANT to replace that obstacle on the LEFT side of the paper.

It might look like this:

  • A thriving home business instead of exploitation in the marketplace.
  • A peaceful countenance in the midst of stress instead of anger and depression.
  • Smiles and laughter at bad news instead of worrying and cringing in fear.
  • Surrounded by misfits and other counterculture folks instead of outcast and shunned by peers.
  • Kindness and gentleness instead of impatience and condescension.
  • Protective and nurturing instead of giving in to the intimidation of the corporate world and compromise of values.
  • Equality instead of subjugation.

Give as many details as you can; the more the better. You want your looking glass to be as vividly clear as possible. Once you have described your new self, be sure to include at least one "I AM" statement following the description.

Using the words "I AM" is a powerful way to create your world. I've included My Looking Glass as an example.

A distinction must be made between that writing which enables us to hold on to life even as we are clinging to old hurts and wounds and that writing which offers to us a space where we are able to confront reality in such a way that we live more fully. Such writing is not an anchor that we mistakenly cling to so as not to drown. It is writing that truly rescues, that enables us to reach the shore, to recover.” — Bell Hooks

"The Looking Glass" is my own activation of this writing prompt and you're welcome to read my story here. How is your own "write to freedom" going? Be sure to send me a note and let me know how I can help, what you need, and sharing your story is always welcome!

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With all my love,


White Dove

Hi, I'm White Dove. Yes, it's my pen name, and it was given to me by a blind man who shyly whispered it to me in a Divine encounter. Yes, it's my real picture… just an ordinary selfie.

I live with my family in the mountains, surrounded by ancient forests, pure streams, and mighty rivers… but I also travel quite a bit.

My kingdom career is a Heart Scribe. I love to write from God's heart and have been recording His living Word for the past three decades. It's brought me so much beauty, joy, peace, and happiness!

I love to inspire trauma survivors to write their life stories, unearthing the treasures of their past and sowing them into the future. We dip our pens in blood and write the pain away… as God has shown me how to do, in the company of supportive friends and family. We are writing ourselves into a better world, beginning with discovering our own original design recorded in the DNA of our soul, and it's the most exciting place to be!

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lisa wolske February 20, 2015 at 9:25 pm

Okay lets give this a try – I married my husband eight years ago – The Lord gave me a good sense of discernment and within the first month of talking with him on the phone I felt something in my spirit and told him if this is who you are I want nothing to do with you.  God why didn't I follow through on what I knew – because I was vunerable – wanted to be loved – After a month of "marriage" I like this man is so vacant – gone – but trying to be the good Christian wife I put up with it – all the while being put down piece by piece – a year went by and God forgive me I left this man in my heart and in my body and sought out an old friend – who provided love – confirmation – acceptance – I at that time purposed in my heart to never go back to my husband but got sucked back in by the false tears.  I'm not excusing my adultery – and believe me I wore my red lettler for many years with true forgiveness.  In these last two years I've been very sick – and have gotten no aupport from this man – nothing but a cold heart – but he flies under the guise of a Christian with the backing of a multitude of Pharisees – I've been accused of having a cold heart, not giving him respect not disclosing my sins and the list goes on – The last two years I began asking the Lord – Lord what is it with this man is he a narcissist and I said no and then I hit on it he is a full blown sociopath – I asked the Lord when he got broken/ripped off and the age of 3 kept popping in my head – I just seen a video and they talked about children of this disordered (putting it nicely) and they mentioned age three – boy the Lord knows doesn't he.  This man used to tell me that I needed to read (on many occasions) the book "How to Win friends and influense People" and I ran into a article that Charles Manson read this book in prison before he committed his murders – they, the prisons have removed this book as it is a tool for people who can't do real human interaction – and it teaches people who are disabled socially how to manipulate people – sick…….This man has so manipulated my family (whose hearts were plowed to this to happen and the Pharisees who "brought this man into the Kingdom" if they only knew….. I could say more and hopefully will but this has just about killed me Spirit and Sout – but for the grace of God… 


Susan Schiller February 20, 2015 at 10:50 pm

Good writing, dear Lisa…

You’re plowing the hallowed ground of your own soul. When you mentioned the vision of your husband being turned into this ‘monster’ at age 3, it makes much sense. I cannot speak openly about the significance of age 3 right now, but if it coincides with your story, then I can point you in the direction of what you may have been exposed to. 

Adultery is one of the 4 ways abused wives respond to sociopathy. Bitterness is another, Sickness is another. Addictions are another. Of the 4, adultery is perhaps the least damaging. Victims are blamed when we react sinfully. We are exposed to massive doses of lethal toxicity and then when we vomit the poison out, we are blamed. Your heart was for your husband and it was damaged. He broke you.

Most true sociopaths show their true colors within the first month. Most religious leaders recognize and agree there is a problem, but at best, they claim it’s a “50/50 deal” where the victim gets half the blame. At worst, they believe they can salvage the marriage, work with the husband, etc. Their eyes are blind to evil. They do not recognize demonic possession.

We in the West don’t want to face true evil. We’d prefer not to know anything about it. It seems it’s only place is on the movie and television screens under the category of “horror” and good Christians don’t go there.

But we must. I don’t mean for entertainment. But we must know our enemy. Christ warned us to be innocent as doves but wise as serpents because He sends us out as sheep among wolves. 

I hate that you are still judged and not helped, Lisa. I hate that you are blamed. I hate that you are now sick in body. I hate that the enemy has turned your friends and family against you. I hate that you feel alone. I hate evil.

To escape the type of monster you married is nearly impossible, if I am understanding your story. I would like to hear more, and you are welcome to private message me or email. Perhaps I need to share my deeper story – the one that no good Christian wants to hear – because there is a reason, a strategy, and a method for creating these beasts. And yes, I do believe they have a soul that can be saved, but only if we see them – only if we confront the evil that possesses them with superior strength, courage, knowledge, wisdom, and confidence… and if we can do it together, as One in the Body of Christ. The victim is NOT the one to confront, to help, to support, to exhort… oh no.

We need the Body of Christ to understand what we are facing is an ancient opponent, a dragon. Lisa, I believe God put us together for a reason. I really do want to hear more of your story, whenever and however you may feel comfortable.

I send you peace – shalom. I send you love and light. I send you hugs and my prayer for your healing. May God arise from within you and vanquish every foe coming against you. May God arise and your enemies be scattered! 

Holy Spirit, please fill my sister with your oil of gladness. May the peace of Christ touch every cell in her body. May her mind be sound.

Hallelujah – our God reigns!


lisa wolske February 22, 2015 at 7:36 pm

Thank you Susan – forgive my typo's my computer is going down 🙂 I want to write more in time and would like to hear more of your story – of course pm me anytime. 


William OToole April 26, 2013 at 4:55 pm


The 'I AM' is powerful.

I am successful.

I am going to help change the world

I am helping other people.

I would rather have an 'I AM' mind than 'I can't'



Susan McKenzie April 26, 2013 at 6:10 pm

You’re way ahead of the crowd, William… congratulations in your business success, too!


Sarah April 21, 2013 at 7:39 am

Oh, the power of our words to create! To create worlds, to create life, to create destruction, to create sadness, to create beauty. It always amazes me how the things we tell ourselves have such power over our present and future. 

THIS is the part we have to remember:

""I AM" is the name Papa God calls Himself. He lives in me. I'm created in His image."


Suha Sagban April 2, 2013 at 6:21 pm

Susan, totally resonating with you. With a similar background, I found I had lived most of my life through the masks of 'others'. Once I was brave enough to reunite with my authentic self, I found happiness :). God bless you.


Susan McKenzie April 2, 2013 at 6:29 pm

Suha, I look forward to hearing more of your journey… what a great testimony you have! Sadly, most people never get that far, but I think the tide is changing! Thanks for stopping by and also for making the connection with me!


Yetunde April 2, 2013 at 2:13 pm

Another lovely post, Susan. Thoroughly inspiring.  I quite agree that it is important we change the way we think or speak about ourselves. We call things that be not, as though they were. Our destiny lies in our hands – we are co-creators.
Thank for reinforcing this.


Susan McKenzie April 2, 2013 at 3:42 pm

It’s wonderful to meet you, Yetunde… with all our voices rising together, perhaps others will find true freedom, too! Thank you for sharing!


Sue Walker April 2, 2013 at 12:12 pm

Another very positive post, which really resonated with me.  As an aside, why the name Tender Lily? As another Susan, I know that our name means Lily, so is it tied up with that?


Susan McKenzie April 2, 2013 at 12:30 pm

Hi Sue!

Yes, in Hebrew the name “Susan” means tender lily. I find it significant, because some lilies bloom in the dark, at night… and water lilies bloom in pure white glory even in the muddiest of waters.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Sue!


Anne Friston April 2, 2013 at 8:02 am

Susan, your words are truly inspirational.  How incredible that you have moved away from the 'most abused woman' counsellors had ever seen, to the person you are now.  I like your statement that you can change your destiny and identity, 'it's not hard but it does take time' – a useful reminder in our instant access world.


Susan McKenzie April 2, 2013 at 8:43 am

Hello Anne,

Yes, I agree – wouldn’t it be great to get an “instant” psychological face-lift, so to speak? It often takes a lot more time than people realize. You bring up a great point!

Thanks so much for visiting today – I hope to hear some of your story soon!



Amanda April 2, 2013 at 7:26 am

This is so true Susan "What we believe, we speak and do, both consciously and unconsciously". I was only just explaining this principle to my husband this evening over dinner. Thank you for sharing 🙂


Susan McKenzie April 2, 2013 at 7:33 am

Hi Amanda, this happens to me many times, too… just as I’m thinking or saying something I’ll come upon the exact same thing in print that very day! Thanks for stopping by and sharing today!


Penny April 2, 2013 at 6:04 am

Powerful words, Susan. We have the ability to create our own reality, and as the saying goes – perception IS reality. You've learned some very valuable lessons on your difficult journey. Thank you for sharing.


Susan McKenzie April 2, 2013 at 6:08 am

Hello Penny… you are gracious to stop in. Thanks so much for sharing!


Garen Arnold April 2, 2013 at 4:40 am

Hey Susan,
I really like the picture at the top of your post!  It's awesome.  One thing that really spoke to me was "we make believe" and this is very true.  I basically get into modes where I put it in my head that I have already accomplished something before I have really accomplished it.  Almost like the kid in us gets washed away as time goes on.  One of my best attributes is how much I believe in myself.
Some of the toughest minded people use the visualization technique to achieve success.  A good example is a fighter because they do so much visualization and endless amounts of training that they believe they can win any fight.
True we can't rewrite the past and I like the analogy that we can write the next chapter of our life.  So often people fall into the trap of dwelling on the past.  This is not only self destructive, but lowers your self esteem.   
Sorry to hear that you had an abusive relationship.  I grew up around a lot of violence and negative influences.  It made me a lot tougher in my mind, because dealing with so much negativity makes problems now seem like a piece of cake.


Susan McKenzie April 2, 2013 at 5:51 am

Excellent thoughts, Garen! It sounds like you gained and learned mental strength from a young age, living around violence and negativity. Instead of creating a negative world, you changed the atmosphere around you by visualizing success. I appreciate the picture you’ve presented here – it really shows the power and the truth of “making believe”!

Thanks so much, Garen!


Trish Jones April 2, 2013 at 3:13 am

I wrote an article on using the words I AM last week Susan and how we manifest what we are by how we use the words I AM, positively or negatively. 
Love your looking glass vision … it's a reminder that the ONLY place we should live is from the heart, our recreated spirit … it knows and won't defy us.


Susan McKenzie April 2, 2013 at 5:55 am

Hi Trish!

I’ve only just met you but you are quickly becoming one of my most favorite people to listen to and hear from! Throughout the years God has showed me in my dreams (through missing passports, stolen driver’s licenses, etc) that I had lost my identity. Since 2007 I have been creating updated identity statements, based on who God sees me to be.

I read your article and also watched the video by Lisa, bookmarking it! I really think it’s one of the most powerful teachings in the universe! Can you just imagine if Christians really awakened to their true identity and lived it?

I’m so happy we have met, Trish – I look forward to your next video and I’ll be stopping by your blog regularly 🙂



Susan McKenzie April 1, 2013 at 4:21 pm

As I was getting ready to hit the publish button, I sensed God saying, "Who do you say I AM?" I remembered Jesus asking His disciples the same question.

And I thought, I think God wants to expand my horizons… I feel like He wants me to step back and see a much larger picture of Him!

He is loving, kind, and strong – yes… but He's also so very big and powerful! He rules the universe! He counts every hair on my head and His eye catches the fall of the tiniest sparrow… If I could only focus on this amazing picture, this amazing face of God, then how could I ever fear anyone or anything again?

"I AM" is in me!

Who do YOU say He is?


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