What is a Soul Quest?

Many cultures around the world incorporate a “Vision Quest” when a person wants to deeply connect with their Creator. They may be seeking purpose and direction for their life or some other reason, but it’s a special time of solitude and silence where they realize they will be tempted and tested by their deepest fears. They will have the opportunity to push past those fears and to break through to a new level of spiritual knowledge and experience.

Jesus is an example of someone who entered the wilderness voluntarily to experience solitude with God. He faced three of the greatest temptations known to man. When he came out of the wilderness he was equipped to pursue his life purpose.

This page contains a listing of articles detailing my own personal soul quest, through the years. If I were to briefly summarize the theme of these stores, it would be this:

Whenever my life is not going as I wish, I know I need to re-open my soul map. This usually has meant going off into the wilderness. I still went to work, for the most part, and continued with daily responsibilities, but I took massive amounts of free time to explore the depths of my soul.

Some of my stories will take you into the high plains desert where I lived with a Native American family, or along a river bank where I learned to live apart from the mainstream, or in a forest where I faced wild animals.

I have lived in many places with diverse types of people and experiences and each person and place taught me lessons about my own soul.

But where it all began to come together for me was when I met the retired rocket engineer and he showed me a map of my own soul. With 100% accuracy he explained to me my whole entire life story in just a few minutes!

Using my own soul’s map he showed me my married life, my family of origin life, my career life… everything. All without ever knowing me or hearing my story!

No counseling. No dredging up my past. Nope.

Just my own “Book of Life” recorded in my soul, blinking and blazing like a star whose song is heard by all who have ears to hear.

This is for everyone, my friend! You really want to hear your own soul’s song!

Click over to “Activate Your Soul’s Blueprint” and let’s get together to dive into your own depths! What the rocket engineer did for me, I can now do for you!

Love Never Fails By: White Dove In the series, "Love from Papa" My daughter, I see you. I see you peering into the mist, as if through a fog of twisted notions: Half-truths, false-beliefs, and shattered illusions that block you from seeing your full inheritance. I see you tentatively stepping out of the shadowlands of […]


Create Your Own Jail Break By: Susan Deborah Schiller  Standing up to Sociopaths – A Collection of Essays Telling your story is important, on many levels. First, for your own freedom. The second is because it lights up the darkness around you. The third is that your story becomes a portal for Heaven to invade the darkness on […]


Harnessing the Energy of Chaos by White Dove Who is this God who hovered over the waters, as we read in the book of Genesis…. a waste dump that was "formless and void". "Darkness covered the abyss…" In this wild and scary place, a wind blew. God's Spirit is most often described as a wind, – which can […]


Finding the Priceless Pearl By: White Dove Underneath the pain and grief lies your greatest blessing. A pearl of great price is formed layer upon layer. Abandonment floods the soul with a priceless opportunity to choose to see beyond the pain. Rejection’s relentless persecution and torment crush the soul, but yet you choose to love […]


Light Will Come Bursting In By: White Dove During a period when I was surrounded by people intent on slandering me, when even some of my closest friends betrayed me, I had to face the fact that I could not please these people, no matter what I did. I laid down the ministry that I […]


"She's a Pagan!" By: White Dove I will lift up my eyes to the mountains; From where shall my help come? My help comes from the LORD, Who made heaven and earth.…Psalm 121:1 Well, it seems someone close to me decided to call up some people and proclaim loudly that I am a pagan. Whatever I […]


A Lesson from Jeremiah about Racing Against Horses By: White Dove To love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength during the normal times is a good thing. To love him with the same passion (or more) when it seems the whole world stands opposed to you, is a whole different level of […]


Listening in the Night Watches By: White Dove The story you don't want to write may be sounding an alarm in the night watches. You can't sleep, stumble out of bed, and wonder if you should get something to eat or watch TV. But if you listen in the night watch, the untold story – […]


The Most Powerful Weapon to Defeat a Smear Campaign By: White Dove The best part of life is creating memories with our friends and family. We laugh at old jokes and tease each other for past escapades. Who doesn't like to reminisce about the good ole days? It's like a fountain of neverending life, and […]


Walking in the Light By: White Dove I believe we're given "mission impossibles" because there's something we need to learn about God's nature and how it alters our ongoing life story. We're each here to experience and display the glorious facets of God's nature. We're designed to SHINE! For abuse survivors, our stories may seem dark […]


I Am Surrounded by a Holy Wall of Fire By: White Dove Do you need protection? Security? Nothing this world offers is as safe as the Fire of Love, and here's how it works out in a practical way…. God once promised me, "I will surround you with a holy wall of fire." As usual, […]

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His Eye is on the Sparrow By: White Dove The song, "His Eye is on the Sparrow," has been playing on the Spirit station of my mind. "Economic justice" is a phrase I've been running into a lot lately, and it's message is burrowing deep into my mind. Down beneath the layers of self-preservation. Who […]


"You need intensive care. Why don't you go lay on a beach and listen to the waves!" said caring church members who had been watching me slip away into the fog of PTSD symptoms. Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and a host of other diseases plague victims of abuse, like flies on a carcass. It's a form of […]


My Magical Life: The Day I Broke Up With Normal By: White Dove I tried very hard to conform to this world, but I broke up with normal. Like a porcelain statue, the world of illusions shattered around me, some of the shards piercing my soul. Pain inside and pain outside, no nonsense sentinels alerting […]


Creating Beauty out of Chaos By: White Dove Photo Credit Chaos… descending upon an elementary school in Oklahoma where children huddled, terrified and battered by an horrific tornado. Children and teachers dead. In Ohio, three teenage girls kidnapped and held captive for ten years just a few feet away from good people. In Florida, a church […]


How Will We Make it through the Night? By: White Dove Snippets from the writing of Brennan Manning "When tragedy makes its unwelcome appearance and we are deaf to everything but the shriek of our own agony, when courage flies out the window and the world seems to be a hostile, menacing place, it is […]


  You Shouldn't Have to Stand Alone By: White Dove No one heard my silent cries but him. He told me it would always be that way. And then he grinned, that mocking, smirk – more like a half-smile, except that it held no warmth and made me shiver. He was not only my husband […]


Naked and Unashamed By: White Dove I have decided to get naked. I removed all the outerwear that my culture told me would cover my shame. I don’t even know where the shame began, except it appeared when I was very little. It made me painfully shy. I knew in my heart I was “damaged […]


How I Tell My Story Powers My Life for Good or for… By: White Dove I bonded with that old truck pictured above. We had some adventures together, let me tell you! In some ways, this Dodge cummins taught me how to keep going, even beyond the sabotage of smear campaigns, Stockholm Syndrom, gaslighting and more. […]


Five-year old pilot surfs the airwaves… By Susan Deborah Schiller One of my father’s greatest gifts to me was to invite me into his every day life, showing me that life is without limits and that even the “impossible” really means i’m-possible. With Papa God all things are possible. Today I’ll share a story of […]


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