What is a Soul Quest?

Many cultures around the world incorporate a “Vision Quest” when a person wants to deeply connect with their Creator. They may be seeking purpose and direction for their life or some other reason, but it’s a special time of solitude and silence where they realize they will be tempted and tested by their deepest fears. They will have the opportunity to push past those fears and to break through to a new level of spiritual knowledge and experience.

Jesus is an example of someone who entered the wilderness voluntarily to experience solitude with God. He faced three of the greatest temptations known to man. When he came out of the wilderness he was equipped to pursue his life purpose.

This page contains a listing of articles detailing my own personal soul quest, through the years. If I were to briefly summarize the theme of these stores, it would be this:

Whenever my life is not going as I wish, I know I need to re-open my soul map. This usually has meant going off into the wilderness. I still went to work, for the most part, and continued with daily responsibilities, but I took massive amounts of free time to explore the depths of my soul.

Some of my stories will take you into the high plains desert where I lived with a Native American family, or along a river bank where I learned to live apart from the mainstream, or in a forest where I faced wild animals.

I have lived in many places with diverse types of people and experiences and each person and place taught me lessons about my own soul.

But where it all began to come together for me was when I met the retired rocket engineer and he showed me a map of my own soul. With 100% accuracy he explained to me my whole entire life story in just a few minutes!

Using my own soul’s map he showed me my married life, my family of origin life, my career life… everything. All without ever knowing me or hearing my story!

No counseling. No dredging up my past. Nope.

Just my own “Book of Life” recorded in my soul, blinking and blazing like a star whose song is heard by all who have ears to hear.

This is for everyone, my friend! You really want to hear your own soul’s song!

Click over to “Activate Your Soul’s Blueprint” and let’s get together to dive into your own depths! What the rocket engineer did for me, I can now do for you!

Rock Solid By: White Dove There's a plan, a provision for every contingency, and a purpose for all the pain. God is making something beautiful out of your ashes. He's making you rock solid. This is a promise – a truth – I have been standing on for over two decades, and even today as I […]


Face aglow, an Oriental woman is striding toward me, grabbing my arm, and pointing to the towering red cliffs glowing in the sunset. We are strangers sharing a moment of awe and wonder. In the presence of beauty, far away from the distractions of a digital world, strangers become friends. Even if we speak different languages our souls […]


My soul quest has led me to Zion National Park, where I have been here for three weeks working, hiking, praying, writing, and soaking in the beauty of Nature like never before! This trip is bridging the gap between what I've been learning and what I've mastered. Everything I've written about on this blog is being […]


I Love Moose Tracks – Preferably Ice Cream! By White Dove, originally published 7/6/12 "Mind over ____" Whatever your current obstacle, put that name in the blank. Today is your day to face that fear, name it, and watch God handle the situation for you! The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. You are One […]


By: White Dove The most incredible light and beauty is showcased within a shrowd of darkness. It's like a dance of Light, a grand choreography by a Master Cosmic Artist. In the early nights of my soul quest I slowly walk in deep awe and wonder through the vast canyon as dusk turns to twilight and as twilight deepens into a startlingly […]


Plunging into the Heart of Love By: Susan Deborah Schiller I’m deep below the surface again, down under the threatening waves of anger, hurt, depression, and the seemingly endless stream of bad news. But it’s not my battle this time around.  I’m here with a sister plunging below the surface to find the heart of love. I know she’s going […]


Sword of Truth: Write Your Destiny By: Susan Deborah In the series, “Letters to Readers“ When you can read the story of your past, you realize that you are part of a bigger story – God’s story – and that He wants to inhabit that very place of hell – your living nightmare – with His […]

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The best part about being lost is finding familiar ground! By: White Dove After 5,000+ miles on my mobile vision quest, I'm visiting back home in Montana. It's been a few years since I hiked in these woods and a lot has changed. The cold crystal clear Vermillion River is braided and changes its course every few […]

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Crossing Over By: White Dove What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open." – Poet Muriel Rukeyser Speaking out has become a cure for many women who have silenced their voices due to a patriarchal church "authority" that has devalued our role across the board, […]


Making a Come Back after a Free Fall By: White Dove The daughter of a pilot I earned my student pilot's license at age 16. One Saturday my scary lesson was how to stall a plane in mid-air, intentionally, so that the plane takes a nose dive, spinning and falling to the earth, faster and faster…. […]

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  Choosing Life, Choosing Love By: White Dove I've been pretty scared this month. Leaving my job and home behind for a bit, I set out on a new kind of journey, what I call a Mobile Vision Quest. Over 5,000 miles across 7 states, so far. It isn't easy, you guys. It's not like […]


The Ride of Your Life By: White Dove "Saddle up your horses and get ready to ride! It's the ride of your life," my heavenly Father whispered. It was early morning and bitterly cold and I was snuggled under a fuzzy blanket writing in my journal. Until then, I had never been around horses, but […]


Star Songs By: White Dove "There is a secret medicine given only to those who hurt so hard they can't hope.  The hopers would feel slighted if they knew." — Rumi The secret medicine has turned out to be my ideals in life. These are the truths that hold me together in a state of awe and […]


As Heaven Sees Me By White Dove "How do I begin to tell my story?" is a common question we all ask ourselves. Most of us have endured the deepest suffering on this beautiful but certainly chaotic planet. We know what it is to lose everything, including family, reputation, jobs, finances, credibility… Where do we begin […]

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A Quantum Leap By: White Dove Just before first light, I awakened with the thought, “Take a quantum leap!” Startled, I arose from bed and fired up my computer, plugging in “definition quantum leap”. Merriam-Webster defines the term: “An abrupt change, sudden increase, or dramatic advance.“ In November of 2006, I attended a conference where David Van […]


Quest To See Beyond By: White Dove My eyes are in a state of wonder. The sky today is a deep cerulean blue; the sun is peeking from the towering bull pines and lodge poles, towering more than 50 feet tall. In the distance is a tree-lined mountain peak, usually snow-capped, but in August it’s finally all green. […]


Diving into the Unknown: Is it Safe? By: White Dove I don't trust my own thinking anymore, but I am learning to trust myself. My deeper self, hidden deep in the core of my being.  That part of me that exists beyond Time and Space. My soul. In my dreams that part of myself leaps […]


Where I Am Today By: White Dove I’ve been quiet for a few years, but it feels good to be back in our sacred space again… this place where I have simply shared my very intense, chaotic and intimate story and where I have been honored to hear your stories. To keep it short and […]


Renewal by Design By: White Dove Renewal, for me, happens when I enter the unknown.  For me, it’s “renewal by design” as I intentionally trade the safe route for the unknown.  One early spring-like day, I was on my first “dot-dot-dot” road, which means sometimes there’s a path and sometimes not. The map uses dots to warn you the road will be […]


Seeing all of Life as Sacred By: White Dove To Listen to this Story My favorite place in the world is a long, winding dirt road running alongside the Vermillion River in Northwestern Montana. The wilderness is my sacred space, and home to beavers, otters, muskrats, golden eagles, a whole chorus line of bull frogs, […]


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